Christian Moldovan

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Christian Moldovan, M.Sc.

SM 209 (Schützenbahn Mittelbau)
+49 201 183-3179
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Christian Moldovan received his Master's degree in Computer Science in 2014 from the University of Würzburg. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D as a researcher at the University of Duisburg-Essen. His research focuses on performance modeling of mechanisms for multimedia applications in the Internet.


Publikationsliste herunterladen

  • Seufert, Michael; Moldovan, Christian; Burger, Valentin; Hoßfeld, Tobias: Applicability and Limitations of a Simple WiFi Hotspot Model for Cities. In: 13th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM). Tokyo, Japan 2017. Details
  • Moldovan, Christian; Hoßfeld, Tobias; Hagn, Korbinian; Sieber, Christian; Kellere, Wolfgang: Keep Calm and Don’t Switch: About the Relationship Between Switches and Quality in HAS. In: 29th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 29). Genoa, Italy 2017. Details
  • Moldovan, Christian; Metzger, Florian; Surminski, Sebastian; Hoßfeld, Tobias; Burger, Valentin: Viability of Wi-Fi Caches in an Era of HTTPS Prevalence. In: IEEE Communications Society; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Hrsg.): IEEE ICC'17: Bridging People, Communities, and Cultures. Paris, France 2017. Details
  • Moldovan, Christian; Metzger, Florian: Bridging the Gap Between QoE and User Engagement in HTTP Video Streaming. In: 28th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 28). Würzburg, Germany 2016. Details
  • Moldovan, Christian; Sieber, Christian; Heegaard, Poul; Kellerer, Wolfgang; Hoßfeld, Tobias: YouTube Can Do Better: Getting the Most Out of Video Adaptation. In: QCMAN 2016 : Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Experience Centric Management. Würzburg 2016. Details
  • Moldovan, Christian; Hoßfeld, Tobias: Impact of Variances on the QoE in Video Streaming. In: QCMAN 2016 : Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Experience Centric Management. Würzburg 2016. Details
  • Metzger, Florian; Lioutou, Eirini; Moldovan, Christian; Hoßfeld, Tobias: TCP Video Streaming and Mobile Networks: Not A Love Story, But Better With Context. In: Special Issue of Computer Networks on “Traffic and Performance in the Big Data Era”, Jg. 2016 (2016). Details
  • Wamser, Florian; Casas, Pedro; Seufert, Michael; Moldovan, Christian; Tran-Gia, Phuoc; Hoßfeld, Tobias: Modeling the YouTube Stack: from Packets to Quality of Experience. In: Computer Networks (2016). doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2016.03.020 Details
  • Liotou, Eirini; Hoßfeld, Tobias; Moldovan, Christian; Metzger, Florian; Tsolkas, Dimitris; Passas, Nikos: Enriching HTTP Adaptive Streaming with Context Awareness - A Tunnel Case Study. In: CQRM - Communications QoS, Reliability and Modeling Symposium. ICC, 2016. Details
  • Seufert, Michael; Burger, Valentin; Wamser, Florian; Tran-Gia, Phuoc; Moldovan, Christian; Hoßfeld, Tobias: Utilizing Home Router Caches to Augment CDNs toward Information-Centric Networking. In: EuCNC 2015. Paris, France 2015. Details
  • Tobias Hoßfeld, Christian Moldovan, Christian Schwartz: To Each According to his Needs: Dimensioning Video Buffer for Specific User Profiles and Behavior. In: QCMAN 2015. Ottawa, Canada 2015. Details


  • Neue Internetanwendungen (Übungen, WS 14/15)
  • Diskrete Simulation (Übungen, SS 15)
  • Modelle der Informatik (Übungen, WS 15/16, WS 17/18)
  • Concurrency (Übungen, SS 16)
  • Master-Projektgruppe BeDeLeVe (SS17)

Betreute Abschlussarbeiten:

  • Design and Simulative Performance Evaluation of a QoE Fair Adaptive Streaming Mechanism (Masterarbeit Informatik, 2017)
  • Implementation of a Browser-Plugin for QoS and QoE Monitoring of WebRTC-Based Video Conferencing (Bachelorarbeit Informatik, 2017)
  • The Influence of the Buffer Size on the QoS in HTTP Adaptive Streaming (Masterarbeit Informatik, 2017)