Fields of Teaching

The fields of teaching comprise methods for modeling and performance evaluation of adaptive systems and communication networks. We regularly offer courses in the following areas. 

  • Modeling and performance evaluation
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Current Internet applications and technologies

Theoretical, conceptual and practical content is taught through lectures with integrated and dedicated exercises to delve into practical aspects. 

Teaching of simulation techniques discusses methods for the evaluation of dynamic, complex systems such as Internet, cloud and smartphone applications. The performance evaluation methods include various methods for modeling and analyzing technical systems, among others process modeling, queuing theory and Markov chains. Another approach for the analysis of complex networks is the quantification of structural and topological properties. Besides models for the generation of such networks, proper metrics for the evaluation of information diffusion and network dynamics are considered.

Current Internet applications and the underlying Internet technology are another focus in the courses. To answer practical questions, simple modeling approaches are presented which take into account the important aspects of Internet technology and the resulting network topologies. The aim is to understand the technology of new Internet applications as well as modeling approaches for performance analysis.