DFG Project OekoNet

Design and Performance Evaluation of New Mechanisms for the Future Internet - New Paradigms and Economic Aspects

The importance of the Internet in economic and social areas has been growing strongly in the recent past. Since economic and social aspects did not play a role when the Internet was developed in the 70s, today's Internet reaches its limits because of unpredictable problems and conflicts of interest between network and service providers. An example is the cost effective traffic routing between network providers, which can lead to quality degradations in the delivery of multimedia content. Based on primer orthogonal approaches as "Economic Traffic Management" and "Design for Tussle", these economic aspects are systematically taken into account to design and evaluate Internet mechanisms. A collection of existing and future Internet mechanisms is deployed, which shows the impact of economic aspects and the underlying paradigms. It makes fundamental understanding for design and evaluation of technical mechanisms and analysis of economic factors possible. These factors are demonstrated by a relevant use case in the Internet addressing the popularity of video services and smartphone devices. In particular, appropriate traffic management mechanisms for so Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) are developed and evaluated which take into account the ISP's point of view. Furthermore, the end user is considered in such a way that QoE and energy consumption of the smartphone are the key metric. Therefore, energy efficient mechanisms for video-streaming in distributed overlay networks are designed and evaluated . In an iterative process the findings influence the abstract, systematic point of view and vice versa. This process ends in the fusion of the developed mechanisms.

Funding: The project OekoNet is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in the subject area "Operating, Communication and Information Systems" since 2012. Research grant holders are Tobias Hoßfeld and Phuoc Tran-Gia (University of Würzburg, Chair of Communication Networks) under grants HO 4770/1-1 and TR257/31-1: "Design and Performance Evaluation of New Mechanisms for the Future Internet - New Paradigms and Economic Aspects". The original German title of the project is "Entwurf und Bewertung neuer Mechanismen für das Internet der Zukunft - Neue Paradigmen und ökonomische Aspekte (ÖkoNet)".

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