Di, 05. Dez. 2017   Surminski, Sebastian

Practical QoE Evaluation of Adaptive Video Streaming

Paper accepted at MMB2018

The Paper 'Practical QoE Evaluation of Adaptive Video Streaming' by Sebastian Surminski, Christian Moldovan, and Tobias Hoßfeld, was accepted for the MMB2018 Conference that will take place in Erlangen from 26 to 28 February. Abstract: Video Streaming is a increasingly popular service on the Internet. In HTTP adaptive video streaming (HAS), the video is played while being downloaded, and the quality is selected according to the available bandwidth. Due to this, variations in the transmission affect the playback. In this paper, the playback of two different HAS video players is evaluated using Quality of Experince (QoE) metrics, which reflect the quality that users perceive.