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Mittwoch, 11 Oktober 2017 16:14

Paper für CNSM akzeptiert

Applicability and Limitations of a Simple WiFi Hotspot Model for Cities

Das Paper Applicability and Limitations of a Simple WiFi Hotspot Model for Cities von Seufert, Michael; Moldovan, Christian; Burger, Valentin; Hoßfeld, Tobias wurde auf der 13th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM) in Tokio (Japan) akzeptiert.

Abstract: Offloading mobile Internet data via WiFi has emerged as an omnipresent trend. WiFi networks are already widely deployed by many private and public institutions (e.g., libraries, cafes, restaurants) but also by commercial services to provide alternative Internet access for their customers and to mitigate the load on mobile networks. Moreover, smart cities start to install WiFi infrastructure for current and future civic services, e.g., based on sensor networks or the Internet of Things. A simple model for the distribution of WiFi hotspots in an urban environment is presented. The hotspot locations are modeled with a uniform distribution of the angle and an exponential distribution of the distance, which is truncated to the city limits. We compare the characteristics of this model in detail to the real distributions. Moreover, we show the applicability and the limitations of this model, and the results suggest that the model can be used in scenarios, which do not require an accurate spatial collocation of the hotspots, such as offloading potential, coverage, or signal strength.

Von: Moldovan, Christian