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Mittwoch, 15 März 2017 17:40

29th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 29)

FINAL DEADLINE for Paper registration / Full paper submission: APRIL 5, 2017

29th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 29): "Ubiquitous, software-based, and sustainable networks and services"

Genoa, Italy, Sept. 5-7, 2017

Homepage: itc29.org  

The ongoing "softwarization" process in networks, along with hardware capability and new services, is setting the pace for a tighter integration between computing and telecommunications technologies. At the same time, 5G and IoT are coming on the scene and will produce an unprecedented growth in wireless access and data generation. According to some estimates, there might be 25 billion connected things by 2020. The exponential growth of IoT nodes, flexibility in service provisioning, and programmability, are making networks more complex to manage and operate. In addition, network design presents new challenges, raised by ultra-low power consumption requirements of IoT nodes and by the use of less energy-efficient general-purpose hardware. The new paradigms will affect and shape the statistical features of teletraffic, along with its performance analysis and control.

ITC is the first international conference in networking science & practice. The 2017 edition, ITC 29, featuring the topic Ubiquitous, software-based, and sustainable networks and services, aims at exploring some of the most challenging aspects in this teletraffic scenario, and is organized into 5 areas, which will cover a broad range of relevant aspects, plus a Demo session. 

More information: itc29.org  

Von: Hoßfeld, Tobias